N.P.S. REFUGEE CAMP,
                        BUDUMBURA, ACCRA-GHANA.
                        TEL: (233)-24-716361.

How are you today? I hope that everything is fine.If
so,thanks be to God.

I know you'll be surprised and wonder as to why I'm
contacting you since we have never met before,but
please read on and you'll understand.

I got your esteemed particulars through an Internet
Media Connection and decided to contact you with the
hope that you'll offer any assistance you can on my

Do note that what I'm about to disclose to you is 100%
truth and it should be dis-associated from all other
such messages that originates from some parts of the
African continent that has become so rampant.(See the
attached Picture of what I am talking about at the
bottom/extreem end of this page).

I am CHOPEY AHMAD CAMARA from kono District in
Sierra-leone,West-Africa.I am a victim of the war in
my country(Sierra-leone).

Presently,I'm at the N.P.S Refugee camp in budumbura
Accra-Ghana.I am the eldest surviving son of the late
Chief Idishe S.A. Camara,the late chairman of the
National Railways Corporation of Sierra-leonean and
also the Director of Diamonite Incorporation
Sierra-leone (an independent Diamond & Gold marketing
firm in Sierra-leone).My late father was among some
prominent men that were murdered by the R.U.F(Revolutionary United Front Rebels of Sierra-leone) during the crisis which eventually led to the war in my country.

After the death of my father,we discovered some
documents which revealed that my late father deposited
some huge amount of cash(in USA Dollars)with some Security Companies for safe-keeping.

And as at the time of deposit,my late father declared
the contents of the luggages containing the cash as "AFRICAN ARTS AND FAMILY TREASURE" to the
management of the various Security outfits so as not
to raise eyebrows and he also put my name as his next
of kin,and left a standing order with the companies
that should in case anything happens to him during the
war,we (his children,if we survived the war)should be
given the opportunity to nominate a representative who
will assist us to claim the deposited luggages.

The amount involved is quite substantial and we want
to invest the cash in your country.

We were a family of eight(8),but after the rebels
attack in our compound,our parents and four others
were killed.I have registered with the N.P.S refugee
camp here in Ghana,while my only surviving brother is
at another refugee camp in Abidjan(Cote D'Ivoire).We
are novices when it comes to investment,so we decided
to look for a God-fearing individual who will assist
us to claim-out the luggages and invest this our
bequest on any profitable business venture in his/her
country,so that we will not suffer any longer as we
are now presently suffering in these refugee camps.

I hereby wish to use this medium to solicit for your
urgent assistance to claim & invest the funds in your
country.And out of the funds,we promise to reward you
with 30% for your assistance(but this is still

The total amount involved which my late father
deposited for safe-keeping is US$47.5 million
(this we got to know from our late father's personal

Do expedite urgent actions in replying,through my
private e-mail address: for further enlightenment .

Hoping to develop a good relationship with you.Thanks
in anticipation of your earliest response.Extend my
warmest regards to all your family.God bless you for
assisting us.

Best Regards,

NB:Do please endeavour to include your private fax &
telephone numbers(mobile phone number if available)to
facilitate a more easier and quick communication.Give me a call on 00233-24-716361 immediately you receive this message.Thanks & remain blessed.