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72. How do I connect an iBook to a TV? Which iBook video adapter do I need?

There are two different video adapters for iBooks that let you connect them to a TV, VCR or digital projector with TV inputs.
Older iBooks, up through the 600 mhz model with 8 MB VRAM, must use the "Apple AV cable" which plugs into the "headphone" jack and gives you composite video plus left and right audio via three RCA plugs.
Starting with the iBook 600 with 16 MB VRAM (aka Radeon Mobility) you must use the "Apple Video Adapter" which plugs into the mini-VGA video port. This dongle gives you an S-Video (mini DIN 4) and a composite (RCA) jack. You also need either an S-Video or an RCA cable to connect it to a TV. In addition, you need a separate audio cable that has a stereo mini plug (like on most headphones) at one end and two RCA plugs at the other to send audio to a TV.
The iBooks that use the Apple AV Cable have an interupt/reset button near the headphone jack. The later models that use the Apple Video Adapter lack the interupt/reset button.
Apple AV cable for iBook 600/8 MB VRAM and earlier. Will not work with later iBooks. Apple part # M8434G/A Note that similar looking cables that come with video cameras and can be gotten from places like Radio Shack don't work properly. Only the Apple cable works. [img][/img] [img}[/img]

Apple Video Adapter for iBook 600/16 MB VRAM and later. Will not work with earlier iBooks Apple part # M9109G/A [i]The Apple Video Adapter for iBook, PowerBook G4 (12"), or 17-inch iMac (1GHz) was specially designed to allow users to connect to S-video or composite video devices. The video adapter cable plugs into the Video Output port (mini-VGA) built into the back of the computers listed. The Video Output port supports VGA, S-Video, and Composite video out. Use the Apple Video Adapter cable for S-Video or Composite video output only (connect to your TV, VCR, or overhead projector's S-Video or RCA (composite) cable). [/i](there is a different but similar looking VGA adapter for a VGA monitor)
[img][/img] [img][/img]

Both are $19 at the Apple Store (plus shipping and tax) and I think $20 at Small Dog (plus shipping).

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